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Subject: XLIFF 7 July TC Meeting Minutes

Here are the meeting minutes, thanks to Fredrik.


From: Estreen, Fredrik [mailto:Fredrik.Estreen@lionbridge.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2015 9:12 AM
To: Schnabel, Bryan S; David Filip (davidf@davidf.org)
Subject: Minutes 7/7


Hi Bryan, David,


Here are the raw minute notes for today. Let me know if you want some edit on them as well.




B – Bryan

D – David F

F – Fredrik

R – Ryan (in chat)



Item 1.A

B, D: roll call. We have quorum.


B: Any note taker?

[Long Pause]

F: Agree to take notes, but will speak less


Item 1.B

B: Move to approve 16/6 meeting minutes

F: Seconded

B: No dissent, minutes approved.


Item 1.C

B: Schedule discussion. Especially Advanced Validation. Mostly editorial updated.

D: A few slipping editorial items. No progress on ITS yet, but good progress on F2F. Looks good to complete. Those who did not attend F2F should review minutes to get up to speed on what was discussed.

B: We had a call for consensus on 16/6 meeting and had consensus on the F2F minutes in that meeting.

B: Oasis note for TBX mapping.

Item 1.D

B: Already discussed no more discussion in this meeting


Item 1.E

B: Will post slides from FEISGILT. It would be great if all who presented made slides available.

D: Many of the presentations are already available.

B: Need to organize notes and minutes with slides.

D: On vacation in July, but will do some work on organizing presentations, minutes and noted.

D: Call for those who have notes or minutes from FEISGILT please send to David.


Item 1.F

B: Looks like we will have quorum for 2 meetings per month .

D: We may have an issue since we have more voters now.

F: Did not fill in doodle, but will most likely attend.

D: Then it should be good.

B: Should get a strong agenda for the upcoming meeting to finalize 2.1

D: Need to update technical artifacts. XSDs etc.

B: Tom not on the call, will create action item for changes.

D: XSDs are very important. Should have these.

B: Agree that XSDs must be in place.

B: Will have august meetings.


Item 1.G

B: ISO submission, Jamie reported back that he is committed to bring progress on this in off list mail. Peter R also reported having time to work on it. We have progress. More reports will follow.

B: Any other administrative items to discuss?



D: Cancelled the P&L sub-committee meeting.

B: Can any of these items be added to 2.1? Most are clarifications.

D: Clarification should probably be fine to add. Good progress and discussion on them by Ryan and Yves.

B: Would be good to have a summary on the item, Ryan?


D: Mostly 2.A is in need of discussion. Is the clarification non-material? Conclusion in F2F was that everyone wanted <mda:> on all places including in other modules. It is only in modules where it would need to be added.

B: Ryan would you like to discuss this item as you raised it?

R: Audio issues. Agrees with summary.

D: Need to asses impact on other modules before next meeting. Ryan will you have time for that?

R: Agrees to try to look at that before next meeting.

B: Would be good to be ready for vote on next meeting.

D: Two issues, language limiting where modules are allowed. Understanding of TC was that modules would be allowed anywhere where a wildcard was allowed. Instead of modules only being allowed where they are explicitly allowed.

R: Better to be clear for interoperability. We should clarify and vote.

D: Agree it’s good to vote on next meeting.


R: Need some clarification in 2.1 on "corresponding"

R: Could have vote on next meeting.




D: Only clarifications.



F: Additional issue raised by user to me around id/startRef usage on <ec>. Should perhaps add language to make it easier to read correctly.

D: Can you (F) prepare language for next meeting?

F: Agrees to do that.

D: Language is correct now.

F: Has been asked questions from users about it clarification would be good.

D: Should check test coverage so implementers can catch this issue.


B: Notification from G2M about meeting conflict.

[G2M: ends meeting]




Fredrik Estreen

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