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Subject: Modified: XLIFF TC Meeting

Submitter's message
meeting minutes added
-- Dr. David Filip
Event Title: XLIFF TC Meeting

Date: Tuesday, 18 August 2015, 11:00am to 12:00pm EDT

Note: new dail in information.

Please get the dial in information from our private Action Item here:

This meeting counts towards voter eligibility.


I Administration (0:00 - 0:10)
  A. Roll call

  B. Approve meeting minutes, 21 July 2015
  C. Revise scheduled for XLIFF 2.1    

  D. F2F meeting minutes

  E. Minutes from the public FEISGILTT sessions (pending)



  F. Summer TC members availability
     - Results from Doodle poll http://doodle.com/c35csmicwmudshra

  G. Requesting progress of ISO submision of XLIFF 2.0

  H. Pointers on ITS constraints

II XLIFF 2.1 (0:10 - 0:45)

  A. * Discuss whether can be allowed at all extension points (Ryan)
  B. * Inline attributes and canCopy (Ryan)
  C. * Question on fragment identifier (Ryan)
  D. * Typo in example ( dataRefEnd) (Yves)
  E. * Question about note references (Ryan0

[pending AI for dF]

  K. Add N Constraint to the core order attribute
     DF will make a CFD for this on mailing list. This has been now sufficiently discussed.

[pending AI for Fredrik]

  G. Template/Model for TBX Mapping with XLIFF v2.0 and Higher Version 1.0 (DavidF)
     Resolution: DavidF is in touch with stakeholders; expect completion soon.

[pending AI for Fredrik]

  L. ITS storage size restriction
     Fredrik to propose slr profile for ITS storage size data category

[pending AI for dF]

  N. Mistakes in the spec (Soroush)

  0. * NVDL for the core is updated (Soroush)

III Sub Committee Report (0:45 - 0:55)

IV  Current and New Business (0:55 -


Attendance: Ingo, David F, Joachim, David Walters, Fredrik, Lucía, Soroush, Tom, Phil Ritchie.

6 out of 10 voters present, we have quorum


Approve meeting minutes, 21 July 2015

Tom:  I second

dF: I hear no dissent, meeting minutes approved.


dF: I move to approve meeting minutes from the info sessions in Berlin: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201506/msg00007.html


These were informal info sessions of the TC with the public stakeholders at the Symposium/FEISGILTT. Still it is important to have minutes of record to capture the direction the broader community wants us to move..

The draft has been posted on the working list and comment list and exposed on the FEISGILTT 2015 webpage, also announced on twitter

I need as a second who was present in those info sessions..

Joachim: I second

dF: I hear no dissent, above draft meeting minutes approved as minutes of record.



dF:We have a request from Joachim to discuss the state of LISA standards. The group ETSI ISG LIS is going to conclude their work and the ISG LIS standards need new home lest they lapse to an unrelated TC within ETSI.

Lucia: is there an official web with information?


Joachim: there is, but only for official members. There is public access to the standards though.. I will look it up.

dF: AI for Joachim to post a link where the standards can be publicly downloaded from ETSI.


Joachim: This is my last XLIFF meeting as I am leaving Lionbridge. I am also the chair of the ETSI ISG LIS, there is not enough people involved in that group, the list will be closed. Also there will be no more an ETSI member to sponsor the ISG LIS. These standards need to find a new home; these are amongst the most used standards in the industry. Even if they do not need much modification, it would be necessary to have somebody in group. We are discussing with UNICODE if they would adopt SRX and GMX, as both are metrics. GMX-V is actually referring to UNICODE TR-29 http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr29/ on how to count words. For SRX, it is a defined way of regular expressions that look for sentence boundaries, they are very language dependent, ULI TC have already work on defining sentence boundaries specific for actual langauges.

Many people agreed to have TMX associated with XLIFF, as they go hand in hand in several usage scenarios and many implementations. The initial idea would be to have a special TC in OASIS, but it would need more or less the same people that are already in XLIFF, that is why I think the XLIFF TC should discuss this.

dF: I would like to ask the XLIFF TC for a position on the topic of GMX-V and SRX to be associated with UNICODE, specifically ULI TC, where I am XLIFF TC liaison. We could either have call for dissent in this meeting or agree to have one on the working list between meetings.

Fredrik: I think it is relatively peripheral to the TC business and we have quorum, so good the have the position now.

Joachim: Also time is of essence

Call for dissent: “XLIFF TC supports moving of SRX and GMX-V standards to ULI TC for maintenance and further development purposes”.

Joachim: I second.

dF: I hear no dissent, so we have support for this. Thank you. I will support this as XLIFF liaison on the next ULI TC meeting.

dF: adopting TMX in XLIFF TC would need a material/substantive change to the current charter, i.e. rechartering.

As discussed in Berlin in June and in TC meetings prior to Berlin, we want to avoid rechartering the current XLIFF TC. But we agreed in Berlin with the broader community (as recorded in the above approved minutes from the Berlin info sessions, that a sister committee in OASIS is to be formed for a syntax independent XLIFF Object Model and non-XML serialization. Now is the time to formulate the charter for this sister TC and we can include TMX maintenance in that charter.

Joachim: Having the XLIFF TC support for that will help.

dF: The sister committee can be called “XLIFF Object Model TC”.

dF: Trinity KDEF will become OASIS member as of 1st Septemebr and I will convene the sister TC from there as announced and minuted in the last XLIFF TC. Any dissent or input from the TC?

Fredrik: TMX in the Object Model TC feels bolted on but given the situation (Re-chartering the current XLIFF TC is not feasible and not enough traction for a fully separate TC) it is the best we can do right now.

dF: Exactly, also there is potential to define XLIFF<->TMX interoperability through webservices etc., so not such a bad match given the baseline of what is feasible..

dF: Call for dissent: “XLIFF TC supports moving of TMX from ETSI ISG LIS to its OASIS sister committee to be formed in September 2015. Working title of the future TC is “XLIFF Object Model TC”.

Joachim: I second.

I hear no dissent, so we have support for this. Thank you.

Lucía:I have one question for Joachim. What is happening with TBX?

Joachim: TBX will be hosted by ISO and its own non-profit steering committee. (they have formed a non-profit organisation named LTAC for this purpose)


XLIFF current business

DF: We have discussed about the logo. We will need Bryan for that.

DF: The ITS is making progress, specifically I finished adding the Localization Quality Rating categrory. There is an August dated Working Draft on the SVN. All ITS categories that are currently included in the printed draft are ready for review by the TC. I should finish with all data categories during September.

Soroush is making progress on the advance validation.

Soroush: I have not finished yet.

DF: He has been developing the artifacts in a branch, I think that it can be moved into trunk, at least the stable artifacts.

Soroush: I can do it by next meeting. I will have some more discussions on the mailing list with Tom, Felix about it.


dF: I have a question about size restriction profile for ITS.

Fredrik: I am working on it, but unfortunately I have not finished yet.


III Sub Committee Report.

DF: All topics of P&L covered in the main TC. We have approved the info session minutes from Berlin. No progress to report on the ISO front.


dF: Welcome to new member Phil Ritchie.

Phil: We (Dublin based LSP VistaTEC) have been working with both XLIFF 1.2 and XLIFF 2. We have developed an XLIFF 2 editor that also works with ITS metadata (OCELOT). I am very excited to join the TC.

dF: Also gratz to Ingo for regaining his voting rights at the conclusion of this meeting. It is great to have SDL back as voting members!

dF: Meeting adjourned.

Owner: Bryan Schnabel
Group: OASIS XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) TC
Sharing: This event is shared with the OASIS Open (General Membership), and General Public groups. Public Event Link

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Attachment: ical_40849.ics
Description: application/ics

PRODID:-//Kavi Corporation//NONSGML Kavi Groups//EN
DESCRIPTION:Note: new dail in information.\n\nPlease get the dial in inf
 ormation from our private Action Item here:\nhttps://www.oas
 ?action_item_id=3663\n\nAgenda: I Administration (0:00 - 0:1
 0)\n  A. Roll call\n\n  B. Approve meeting minutes\, 21 July
  2015\n     https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xl
 iff/email/archives/201508/msg00003.html\n     \n  C. Revise 
 scheduled for XLIFF 2.1    \n     https://lists.oasis-open.o
 rg/archives/xliff/201504/msg00009.html\n     https://lists.o
 asis-open.org/archives/xliff/201504/msg00014.html\n\n  D. F2
 F meeting minutes\n     https://lists.oasis-open.org/archive
 s/xliff/201506/msg00007.html\n\n  E. Minutes from the public
  FEISGILTT sessions (pending)\n\nhttp://bit.ly/XLIFFInfoDraf
 00028.html\n\n  F. Summer TC members availability\n     - Re
 sults from Doodle poll http://doodle.com/c35csmicwmudshra\n\
 n  G. Requesting progress of ISO submision of XLIFF 2.0\n   
 2.html\n\n  H. Pointers on ITS constraints\n     https://lis
 I XLIFF 2.1 (0:10 - 0:45)\n\n  A. * Discuss whether can be a
 llowed at all extension points (Ryan)\n     https://lists.oa
 sis-open.org/archives/xliff/201506/msg00013.html\n  B. * Inl
 ine attributes and canCopy (Ryan)\n     https://lists.oasis-
 open.org/archives/xliff/201506/msg00015.html\n  C. * Questio
 n on fragment identifier (Ryan)\n     https://lists.oasis-op
 en.org/archives/xliff/201506/msg00016.html\n  D. * Typo in e
 xample ( dataRefEnd) (Yves)\n     https://lists.oasi
 s-open.org/archives/xliff/201506/msg00022.html\n  E. * Quest
 ion about note references (Ryan0\n     https://lists.oasis-o
 pen.org/archives/xliff/201506/msg00037.html\n\n\n[pending AI
  for dF]\n\n  K. Add N Constraint to the core order attribut
 e\n     DF will make a CFD for this on mailing list. This ha
 s been now sufficiently discussed.\n\n[pending AI for Fredri
 k]\n\n  G. Template/Model for TBX Mapping with XLIFF v2.0 an
 d Higher Version 1.0 (DavidF)\n     https://lists.oasis-open
 .org/archives/xliff/201411/msg00091.html\n     Resolution: D
 avidF is in touch with stakeholders\; expect completion soon
 .\n\n[pending AI for Fredrik]\n\n  L. ITS storage size restr
 iction\n     Fredrik to propose slr profile for ITS storage 
 size data category\n\n[pending AI for dF]\n\n  N. Mistakes i
 n the spec (Soroush)\n     https://lists.oasis-open.org/arch
 ives/xliff/201502/msg00009.html\n\n  0. * NVDL for the core 
 is updated (Soroush)\n     https://lists.oasis-open.org/arch
 ives/xliff/201503/msg00009.html\n\nIII Sub Committee Report 
 (0:45 - 0:55)\n\nIV  Current and New Business (0:55 -\nGroup
 : OASIS XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) TC\
 nCreator: Bryan Schnabel

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