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Subject: Notes from TC Call on Sep-1-2015

Notes from XLIFF TC call Sep-1-2015

Missed first few minutes (didn't have sound)

Attendence: DavidW, Fredrik, Felix, Lucia, Phil, Peter, Bryan, Soroush, Tom, Uwe, Yves.

BS: Request from Phil to discuss ITS Text analysis mapping 
.. also discussing ISO 
.. then moving to XLIFF 2.1 discussion
.. should clean up the item we have
.. if DF is there he'll provide feedback 

==== 1.F) ITS 2.0 to 2.1 Text Analysis

PhR: what is the current thinking?
.. was in ITS project, know the mapping
.. we have a use case now, so wondering how stable the mapping is, and when it'll be approved
.. any risk of substential change?
BS: don't think we had anything controvertial on that item during the meeting.
.. don't recall any issue
PhR: any thing we could help with, any sub-group we can engage with?
BS: no ITS sub-committee
.. think owner for the ITS mapping is now FE?
FE: i have size restriction part only
.. not Text analysis
BS: so DF is the owner, but not in the call.

PhR: discussion I saw talk about 12 to 18 months. Anything more specific?
BS: wanted to update the timeline
.. wanted more work done in advance validation and ITS mapping
.. TBX note is separate so no effect on the timeline.
.. we could try to calculate the remaining amount of time
.. there is a known minimum admin time needed
.. But need key action items' owners input needed, SS maybe for advance validation?

SS: Advance validation is ready, uploaded
.. will provide instructions on using it soon.

FE: simple mapping should be easy.
.. a few more complex parts may need more discussion.

==== 1.G (Requesting progress of ISO submision of XLIFF 2.0)
PeR: Jamie send request to ISO as part of the fast track mechanism
.. ISO need to make sure each member-state look at it
.. then it'll go to draft
.. then next steps
.. probably 6 months or so before XLIFF 2.0 becomes an ISO standard
.. We should get news soon. Jamie has all OASIS needed to do.
.. ball in ISO court now.

==== 2) XLIFF 2.1

---- Ryan's items:
BS: will look at Ryan's items and see with Ryan what can be cleared out

2.D: Typo
.. Yves has typo note, assume DF will just enter the change
.. DF will make call for dissent

---- 2.G: (Template/Model for TBX Mapping with XLIFF v2.0 and Higher Version 1.0)
FE: hope to do 2.L then 2.G
.. so sometimes this month hopefully
.. especially 2.L this week

items for DF on typeo from SS

---- 2.O (Advance validation)
what about item 2.O?
SS: nothing to add to what I said before.
.. will send email if something comes up.

--- 2.P (Change Tracking)

BS: and PhR had item 2.P
PhR: Got feedback from FE
.. any direction on how i need to document use cases and modifications
FE: think it's a clear ommission
.. that we should fix
.. then we need to find someone to work on this
BS: non controversial.
.. would like to fix it for 2.1
.. need a new owner for this item
FE: Think Ryan worked a lot on Change Tracking
BS: will reach out to Ryan to ask if he wants to take ownership
FE: sending a proposed change of the wording and schema should be simple
.. you could just post it on the mailing list
.. don't think we need a ballot for this
.. No-one opposes having inline codes in Change tracking

--- 2.Q (question with namespaces)

BS: probably resolved.
.. will check with Ryan

--- 2.B (Inline attribute and canCopy)
FE: don't see any real resolusion for item 2.B
.. we discussed, but didn't have any resolution.
.. Clarifying the wording would be good
BS: as long as we don't make sustentive changes
FE: maybe making mandatory to mark copied codes
.. but that would not be valid for 2.0
BS: maybe a should vs a must?
FE: current wording seem to prohibit that. We should need to clarify the wording
BS: what are the next steps?
FE: Someone needs to propose a re-wording or additional text to make things clear.
BS: will see if someone can do that
.. doing it on the email thread would be good, so Ryan can see and answer

==== Sub-committee report

BS: DF is not here, so no report
.. Lucia says: there is no report
.. working on draft of survey for 2.0 support
.. didn't get much feedback on it
.. hope to be done in two weeks

==== Current/New business

BS: anyone?
.. no new business

Next call is 15th of september
BS will enter attendance in kavi

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