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xliff message

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Subject: XLIFF at ISO

Hi All,


Firstly apologies for missing so many meetings. I am travelling again today so will not be there but I would like to update you on the developments relating to XLIFF becoming an ISO standard.


The TC 37 SC 5 committee which deals with translation has voted in favour of the XLIFF TC becoming a liaison member.


OASIS has asked ISO central secretariat to publish XLIFF 2.0 as an ISO standard. As the work on this has already been done by the XLIFF TC this will be done through a fast track mechanism. In this page http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards_development/resources-for-technical-work/support-for-developing-standards.htm you can see the ISO development process. Fast track projects such as XLIFF have only got to go through the Enquiry, Approval and Publication stages.


ISO Central Secretariat have now asked TC 37 SC 5 to deal with XLIFF. The SC5 secretary has suggested that there should be a webex meeting to inform their members about XLIFF and it becoming an ISO standard. I will be involved in this but would appreciate someone else from the TC joining me. Any volunteers? The date for the meeting has not yet been set.

After the meeting XLIFF 2.0 will go through the fast track process and will then be an OASIS and ISO standard.





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