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Subject: XLIFF TC Call - Dec-1-2015 - Summary

Summary for XLIFF TC call of Dec-1-2015.

--- A. Roll call
- done. Quorum reached.

--- B. Approve meeting minutes, 17 November 2015

BS: moves to approve the minutes of last call.
DF: I had a correct for Patrik's name (no 'c')
BS: New URL is: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201512/msg00001.html
FE: seconds
No objections

--- C. Revise scheduled for XLIFF 2.1    

No changes.
Kevin not on the call.

--- D. Requesting progress of ISO submision of XLIFF 2.0

BS: Peter posted an email with a summary of the progress.
There will be an ISO meeting soon.
DF: met Alan Melby last week and he was positive about the progress of this in ISO.
.. also Alan joined the XLIFF-OMOS TC

--- E. Mandate extension of the XLIFF P&L Subcommittee - Lucía, second from Fredrik

BS: the P&L SC was extended.
This topic is closed.

--- F. December/January availability 

BS: Thanks for doing this Lucia.
.. 11 people answered.
.. for 15th: only 6 yes, so we may not get a quorum
FE: just added 1 yes
BS: so 7 yes. So Quorum should be ok
.. So probably no quorum on Jan-5 probably.
.. but we'll see.

=== II XLIFF 2.1

--- Q. * Proposal For Change Tracking in XLIFF 2.1 (Phil)
--- R. * Errors in test suite for Change Tracking module (Yves)
--- S. * CTR test suite files

BS: will work on fixing those.
.. Should be relatively easy.

YS: Also case of the deletion case.
FE: problem is even wider than that.
.. Cannot refer to objects not there anymore.
.. Constraint should be changed.
.. also we should have a way to say 'this is completely deleted'.
BS: linked to item Q.
PR: we didn't look at that case, but we could.
BS: could you walk us through the proposal?
PR: we try to use the <source>/<target> as the base for <item>
BS: also can we have CTR2.1 in a document XLIFF2.0?
.. could be seen as a custom namespace?
.. but can't have custom namespace overlapping existing feature.
DF: could be an unsupported module.
.. so we would need to add something to prohibit.
.. also: can module be used as extension?
BS: couldn't use same prefix for different namespace.
FS: would not work indeed.
FE: not really an issue to have CTR21. In XLIFF2.0 document, but seen as an extension. Same extension point as a custom namespace.
.. question is should be define the behavior or let the developer do this?
.. would allow any element rather than just the same as in source/target.
.. so it could track extension data as well.
DF: we would benefit of the notion of an XLIFF fragment.
YS: what about implementation
FE: would have to look at appliesTo anyway.
.. e.g. could track changes for group.
.. interpretation should be based on what the item applies to.
.. actually cannot track third-party element, just XLIFF ones.
.. For forward compatibility, we should make sure any elements can be set in the item.

BS: will we add these changes to the 2.1 draft?
.. how are we going to put this is 2.1?
FE: best is probably to make sure this item is tracked so we don't forget about it.
DF: so what should we allow under item?
FE: any elements
DF: XLIFF or module elements?
FE: would avoid coding which modules is allowed.
BS: at some point we'll need to create a proposal for voting
.. this may or may not impact schedule
.. so far it's not added to 2.1.
.. need an owner for the proposal.

DF: we need to see the progress of this item
.. and see if we want to wait or not when the other features are ready.
FS: what that means for ITS module?
DF: hope we don't have to postpone it
FS: have to be realistic. Currently no time planning for the ITS module
.. also new TC will take time away for the module
.. not a good practice to start a new work when the old one is not done yet.
BS: good points

BS: any additional comments?

=== III Sub Committee Report

BS: P&L SC has been re-conducted
DF: we will met on this channel just after this call.
.. questionnaire has additional entries regarding segmentation
.. FE had also possibly additional items
FE: will send it just after this call (apologies to Lucia)
DF: we need to start to gather answers before Christmas
.. and see if we need to re-open it in 2016 Q1
DF: ISO progress: was discussed
DF: also liaison with the new TC (XLIFF-OMOS)
.. Chase Tingley has also join that TC>
DF: next symposium: 7th. Part of FIESGILTT, *June 6-7* in Dublin.
.. call for paper is out
.. needs to start social media advert for this.

=== IV Current and New Business

BS: any?

Next call is on Dec-15.
Regrets from Yves


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