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Subject: Okapi XLIFF Toolkit 1.1 Available

Hi all,

The version 1.1 of the XLIFF Toolkit is now available

- The zip file is here: https://bintray.com/okapi/Distribution/Okapi_XLIFF_Toolkit
- The maven artifacts are here: http://repository-okapi-xliff.forge.cloudbees.com/release/
- The online validator has been also updated: http://okapi-lynx.appspot.com/validation

The new version of the toolkit has a few bug fixes and, thanks to the work from Marta at VistaTEC, the Change Tracking module is now
supported directly.

Two caveats for the new module:

- This is the Change Tracking module for 2.0. Support for inline codes will be in 2.1 and is still being worked on (at the XLIFF TC
and in the 1.2-SNAPSHOT version of the toolkit).

- A couple of constraints related to the ref and appliesTo attributes for the new module are not validated by this implementation
because they are simply too complicated to support for a stream-based processor.


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