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Subject: Inline codes in Change Tracking


I'm looking at how to represent inline codes in the <item> element of the Change Tracking module (for 2.1) and I'd like to make sure
it doesn't break the 2.0 constraints. I'd like to double-check my interpretation.

The simplest way to store an old version of the translation of a segment is to copy it in the CTR's <item> element:

<unit id='1'>
  <ctr:revisions appliesTo="segment" ref="s1">
    <ctr:item property="content">This is a <pc id='1'>sample</pc></ctr:item>
 <segment id='s1'>
  <source>C'est un <pc id='1'>exemple</pc></source>
  <target> This is an <pc id='1'>example</pc></target>

The potential issue there is the <pc>'s ID.

The specification says the following for the attribute id:

When used in <segment>, <ignorable>, <mrk>, <sm>, <pc>, <sc>, <ec>, or <ph> elements:

- The inline elements enclosed by a <target> element MUST use the duplicate id values of their corresponding inline elements
enclosed within the sibling <source> element if and only if those corresponding elements exist.

- Except for the above exception, the value MUST be unique among all of the above within the enclosing <unit> element.

In the representation above we get three <pc id='1'> in the <unit>: The one in <source>, the one in <target> and one in <item>. It
seems to me that, according the constraint, the ID of <pc id='1'> in <item> is not valid since it is duplicated within <unit> and
it's not in a <target>.

1) Is my assumption (it's not valid) correct?

2) If so, how did manage to get away with it for <match> (The Ids in the <source> of <match> can be the same no?). 


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