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Subject: Inline ID uniqueness

Hi all,

Looking at the minutes of last meeting I see that there was some discussion on allowing duplicated IDs between the core and, for
example, the CTR or the Translation Candidate module.

> DF: Issue is with inline code IDs in different modules. 
> Right now IDs must be unique across modules and core.
> FE: How could we enforce uniqueness between core and modules
> DF: Agrees that main issue is with core tools that dont support the module
> Proposes solution that modules are allowed to have same IDs in modules as in core.
> FE: Agree
> DF: Soroush will have to look at the implementation in validator.
> DF: Need to look into the impact before implemented.
> ...
> DF: What should we propose?
> P: Allowing duplicates in modules seems the best solution.
> DF: Need to look at how it will work in validation.
> B: Continue discussion on mailing list and input from other stakeholders.

Note that in the case of both modules we also need to have duplicates within the same module block: for example if you have several
candidates for a given segment that has inline codes, we want to be able to have several matches using those same Ids.

In short it seems the uniqueness of ID in inline needs to be only for the core.


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