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Subject: Webinar on the FREME project, 22 February 4 p.m. CET

Apologies for cross-posting,

Hi all,

on 22 February 4 p.m. CET the FREME project will held a webinar to introduce the FREME framework. You will find background information here


This may be of interest especially for XLIFF people since FREME allows some XLIFF + linked data processing, thanks to the work done by Vistatec; and for everybody interested in standards based multilingual processing.

If you want to participate please let us know by replying to this mail, so that we have a rough head count. Please keep Nieves Sande <nieves.sande@dfki.de> and Felix Sasaki <felix.sasaki@dfki.de> into CC. We will then provide you with participation details. Also, feel free to forward to interested parties.

Best regards,


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