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Subject: Question on xml:space handling

Hi all,


Yves logged two issues on the MS XLIFF OM github project (thanks Yves for testing!):


<data> made of spaces only is not preserved


<source> with only spaces are emptied on deserialization



I have no doubt that the first one is a bug since the default for <data> is preserve.


The second one is trickier. The default for <source> and <target> is to allow the application to decide. In this case, the OM is using .Net XmlReader, which removes whitespace by default. So, in order to preserve whitespace during serialization/deserialization, the user must set xml:space=”preserve” to override the default behavior of XmlReader.


So my question to this esteemed body of professionals: Should the MS XLIFF OM override the default behavior of XmlReader and preserve whitespace when xml:preserve=”default”?





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