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Subject: XLIFF TC Meeting - Apr-19-2016 - Summary

XLIFF TC Meeting - Summary
Date: Tuesday, 19 April 2016, 11:00am to 12:00pm EDT

[To Bryan, Sorry, I could not keep up with the disposition of all the section II items, so please make sure they are correct or
addressed, thanks].

===== I Administration (0:00 - 0:10)
  A. Roll call

DF doing that.

BS: need a note taker. Lucia will need to leave early.
YS: I'll do it.

  B. Approve meeting minutes, 05 April 2016

BS: Move to accept these minutes
YS/PR: second
No dissents

  C. Revise scheduled for XLIFF 2.1    

BS: will be clear when 2 final additions are done
.. will try to get projected dates
DF: we should try to see how we can be approved this year
.. otherwise there will be no urgentcy
BS: +1

ACTION ITEM: BS to try to calculate dates for 2.1 this year

YS: Question: work done for plural/gender by Google and others.
.. can it be included in 2.1?
DF: work with Chase?
YS: Yes, that and related work in Google.
.. currently not completely public.
DF: Probably not for 2.1

FS: need to see what data categories for ITS are implemented.
.. if not all is implemented, then we can have only part of it in 2.1

DF: need to see what dates are exactly
.. then we can see if we need to drop features
PR: Are you saying that the whole of ITS should be dropped or agree with Felix?
DF: would like to see everything done
.. but maybe we cannot do that.
FS: So ITS not to be dropped as a whole, but only some of the features if needed
.. do not see ITS as one single building block
YS: think specific features of ITS are both specified and implemented we should keep them
.. and for the ones either not specified or not implemented then we can drop those (but not the whole of ITS)
PR: +1 for Felix and Yves comments.

BS: may be able to move toward spring of next year?
DF: should definitely try for this year, not next year
.. will be good to have the dates for the drafts and committee specifications

  D. ISO submission of XLIFF 2.0
     Meeting took place. Update from Peter or David
     Notes are in 05-April meeting minutes

BS: good discussion last week.
Peter-R: we are currently in wait and see mode.
.. hopefully the submission can go through at the Copenhagen ISO meeting
DF: if the document is not received soon, Peter can send it directly as ISO member

  E. XLIFF 2.0 Support - Survey (Lucía)

BS: Some discussion last time
Lucia: the survey didn't work, so we wanted to do something simpler.
DF: wanted to try something more automated.
.. but design for this has not progressed yet.

  F. Action Item progress (as tracked in kavi AI tracker)

BS: Good progress.
.. one action was added, several were closed.

DF: Action #13 can be closed. Did it today.
YS: not done mine yet
DF: I may have fixed some of those Yves.
PR: Got a new engineer starting next month, she'll work on the ones assigned to me.

DF: maybe we need specific AI items for checking ITS data categories
.. and track advance validations by Soroush.

  G. New business requested by Soroush "updated the improved validation artifacts on the version control and would like to ask you
to allocate few minutes for it in today meeting"

Soroush: now validation allows for duplicated ID for inline.
.. fixed also another error with ID validation including segment, etc. IDs.
.. schematron is being updated.

DF: need to be sure those artifact are in line with other validators and address any discrepancies.
Soroush: could run the validation against all valid/invalid files in test suite
DF: yes something to do
.. and we need to add test files.

  H. Call for dissent - Version Control
  Latest version of the Word doc is here https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201604/msg00005.html

BS: Do we have consent on this?
.. trees have been rectified
.. consider this closed.

II XLIFF 2.1 (0:10 - 0:45)
* indicates new topic, not yet discussed

[Yves: Sorry I could not keep track of the disposition for all items during the call, please Bryan make sure this is correct or
addressed properly].

  A. Discuss whether can be allowed at all extension points (Ryan)
--> to close?

  B. Inline attributes and canCopy (Ryan)
--> not sure

  C. NVDL for the core is updated (Soroush)
--> to close

  D. NVDL validation for XLIFF 2.0 (Soroush)
--> to close

  F. * CanReorder Validation error (Ryan)
--> no resolution

  G. * ITS text analytics (David)
--> not sure

  H. Internationalization and beyond related metadata for JSON - XLIFF perspective? (Felix)
--> not sure if there is a resolution needed

  I. * Question on namespace re-writing and ITS text analysis (Felix)
--> no resolution

  J. * Proposal For Change Tracking in XLIFF 2.1 (Phil)
--> PR: Will get an engineer to work on this next month.
--> so to make this an AI

  K. * Inline codes in Change Tracking (Yves)
--> Related to II.J

  L. * XLIFF and ITS mapping- Elements within text (Soroush)

  M. * XLIFF and ITS mapping-ID value (Soroush)

  N. [Progress on AI] Example with inline codes for MTC module test suite (Yves)
--> Example provided, presumably in test suite now.
--> probably to close.

  O. * Issue with validating extensions (David)
--> new AI for people to register extensions.
--> issue report to Okapi-XLIFF (https://bitbucket.org/okapiframework/xliff-toolkit/issues/9)

  P. * Missing elements in "Used in" entry in section " xml:space" (Yves)
--> AI #13 can be closed

BS: II.P is closed
DF: This item should be either an action item or closed in agenda.
PR: II.J is waiting for the new engineer.
BS: Hopefully we can use the AI tracker instead of the add-hoc wiki tool.
DF: was fine for 2.0, but this time it's simpler so AI tracker should be enough.

===== III Sub Committee Report (0:45 - 0:55)

-- For the P&L SC:

DF: Most was covered above (survey topic)
.. and also for XLIFF symposium: we are in the process to look at the proposals.
.. need to do this soon.
Lucia: Didn't get any notifications
DF: will look into it
.. got reviews from e.g. Felix.
BS: didn't get anything either
DF: Had to do some changes in committee, maybe I lost some members. Will look at it.
BS: attendance?
DF: probably small
.. relatively strong attendance for the TC-OMOS, but less from this TC.
.. hope to have working sessions for both OMOS TC and this TC.

DF: We have nothing in the prefix register.
.. we need to register things there.
.. should try to push a few owner of extensions to register them
.. known suspect: its, tbx, Okapi
.. and give them AI if the owners are in the TC.
BS: Is there a procedure?
DF: yes, it is in the TC public page.
.. we have a test file with a tbx extension for example

DF: Can you register your extension Bryan?
BS: can you register ITS Felix?

DF: No P&L SC call today.

-- For the OMOS TC:

YS: Good discussion last week.
.. everybody agree on basic model
.. flat, trim down to what is needed only (e.g. no XML-specific constructs)
.. diagrams need to be updated
.. some email discussion on how to represent things like segments (named object vs array with object type).

===== IV  Current and New Business

DF: Need to make sure the prefix registration is in the agenda regularly.


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