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Subject: XLIFF 2.1 - ITS support


This is a note for the TC members currently working on the ITS module.

Just in case you would like to try the still-under-development implementation of some ITS data categories for XLIFF 2.1 you can find
the latest build of the Okapi XLIFF 2 library (including Lynx) here: 

At this point it is supposed to support:

- Translate
- Terminology
- Domain
- Text Analysis
- Provenance
- Preserve Space
- Localization Quality Issue
- MT Confidence
- Allowed Characters

Some of these data categories are not fully tested or implemented yet.

There is a -its command in Lynx that generates test result files comparable to the one we used in ITS 2.0. It's not implemented for
all supported data categories yet. BUT, doing this is a lot of work and there is no other tool as far as I know that does it too,
and therefore nothing to compare these results against. At this point I'm not sure it's worth the time to continue that command.

To try ITS support in general you can try to validate 2.1 files with some ITS metadata in them.

Or you can try to use the library directly:
The XLIFF objects that may have ITS attributes implement the IWithITSAttributes interface, and the ones that may have ITS elements
implement the IWithITSGroups interface. You can access the annotator references with getAnnotatorRef() on any of the XLIFF objects
where it may be valid.

You can find examples in the test code here:

Bug reports and feedback are welcome.


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