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Subject: AnnotatorsRef and stand-off items

Hi all,

A question on ITS annotatorsRef and standoff entries.

In the XLIFF document below, I have 2 LQI entries in a standoff element.
Both inherit their annotatorsRef value.

I have one annotatorsRef defined on <file> and one annotatorsRef defined on the <mrk> where the reference to the standoff group is

I'm not saying this is likely to exist, but the processor has to resolve the use case, since in may occur.

The question: What should be the annotatorsRef value for the two LQI entries? toolABC (inherited from <file>) or toolXYZ (inherited
from <mrk>)?

I have an opinion, but I'd like to make sure it matches the behavior others expect.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<xliff xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:xliff:document:2.0" version="2.1" srcLang="en" trgLang="fr"
 <file id="f1" itsm:annotatorsRef="localization-quality-issue|toolABC">
  <unit id="u1">
   <itsm:locQualityIssues id="lqi1">
     locQualityIssueComment="'c'es' is unknown. Could be 'c'est'"
     locQualityIssueSeverity="50" />
     locQualityIssueComment="Sentence is not capitalized"
     locQualityIssueSeverity="20" />
    <source>This is the container</source>
    <target><mrk id="m1" type="itsm:generic" itsm:annotatorsRef="localization-quality-issue|toolXYZ"
		itsm:locQualityIssuesRef="#itsm=lqi1">c'es le conteneur</mrk></target>


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