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Subject: Call For Dissent: Inline Markup within Change Tracking <item />

Dear Committee Members


This is to deliver my action item with regards to my proposal to allow storage of inline markup along with the text content of <source /> and <target /> elements within Change Tracking <item /> elements.


I attach the following in this email:


1.     Sample XLIFF file (adapted from one in Bryan’s book).

2.     Modified change_tracking.xsd. The main modification to this file is to insert an <xs:group /> element within the definition of the <item /> element which references back to XLIFF Core <inline /> element group.

3.     Proposed new text for the description of the <item /> element in the specification.


I have validated my attached punk-bands-ctr-with-inline.xlf by updating the XLIFF 2.0 schema hierarchy with my attached change_tracking.xsd and validating with XMLSpy.


I hope we can discuss this at the next TC meeting on 16/8.



Phil Ritchie
Chief Technology Officer | Vistatec
Vistatec House, 700 South Circular Road,
Kilmainham, Dublin 8, Ireland.

Tel: +353 1 416 8000 | Direct: +353 1 416 8024
Email: phil.ritchie@vistatec.com
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Vistatec Ltd. Registered in Ireland 268483.
Registered Office, Vistatec House, 700, South Circular Road, Kilmainham. Dublin 8. Ireland.
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Attachment: XLIFF_2_1_ctr.zip
Description: XLIFF_2_1_ctr.zip

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