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Subject: Re: [xliff-omos] ITS rules file - Re: [xliff-omos] New XLIFF 2.1 Editors' Draft, 06 September 2016; Fwd: [xliff] Version Control Commit by DavidFilip

Felix, it depends..
If all features are covered by the module. It would be more like Localization Note.
If there are some features covered by the module (and core) but still need to introduce some ITSM attributes, annotations etc. Then it would be like Terminology..
Let's look into a short editors meeting on Wednesday to be prepared for the next XLIFF TC meeting, basically to see if there's a chance to have a csd01/ csprd01 ballot in the next TC meeting.
Cheers dF

On Sep 11, 2016 15:34, "Felix Sasaki" <felix@sasakiatcf.com> wrote:
Thanks, David. A quick question: is this in principle like the „Terminology“ data category? I then could use that as a blue print for editing.

I’ll be on travel now until Tuesday evening - maybe we can talk on Wednesday?


Am 11.09.2016 um 15:19 schrieb David Filip <david.filip@adaptcentre.ie>:

Felix, wrt the external resource it must not introduce ITSM methods because these already exist in the Resource data module. It should define the mapping to the module.. I hope this helps otherwise we should try and talk on Monday.. BTW I have to leave the office by 17:15 on Monday so we should talk in the afternoon but before 17:15
Cheers dF

On Sep 11, 2016 14:06, "Yves Savourel" <ysavourel@enlaso.com> wrote:
Hi Felix,

> The rules file with rules or explanations - as applicable - for all data categories is now here
> https://tools.oasis-open.org/version-control/browse/wsvn/xliff/trunk/xliff-21/schemas/its-rules.xml

It seems two selector values in the its-rules.xml file are missing a closing ']':

<!-- Rules for Terminology -->
<its:termRule selector="//xlf2:mrk[@type='term' and @ref" termInfoRefPointer="@ref"/>

<!-- Rules for Language Information -->
<its:langRule selector="//xlf2:*[@xml:lang" langPointer="@xml:lang"/>


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