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Subject: Leaving the XLIFF TC

Hi All,


I wanted to let you know that, unfortunately, I’ll be leaving the XLIFF Technical Committee, effective immediately.


I will be leaving Microsoft in the next week and relocating with my family back to Dublin. My next career move will take me outside the world of localization, as I will be working on document productivity opportunities with Nitro.


I’ve been sharing progress of the XLIFF TC with my colleagues here internally and they will consider who may be best to represent Microsoft in the TC.


Although I haven’t had much time to dedicate to the TC in recent times, I genuinely enjoyed working with all of you during the XLIFF 2.0 days and meeting up at the various XLIFF symposia. I’m very pleased at the progress that the XLIFF TC made and how far the standard has evolved in recent years, including becoming the mainstream file format for localization within Microsoft. I’ll continue to be a champion for XLIFF whenever the opportunity allows J.


I wish you all the best for the future and hope our paths cross again. I can be reached at my personal email address – kevinod@gmail.com – or on LinkedIn.


Best regards,


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