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xliff message

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Subject: Version Control Commit by soroush.saadatfar

Author: soroush.saadatfar
Date: 2017-02-06 14:53:13 +0000 (Mon, 06 Feb 2017)
New Revision: 781
Web View: https://tools.oasis-open.org/version-control/browse/wsvn/xliff/?rev=781&sc=1

- A rule (id=F29) added to address issue #11 to enforce 'target' existence provisional to the 'state' of the parent 'segment';
- Issue #13 is addressed within F20 and F20W; to check for editing hints of 'canDelete' based on the 'state' of the 'segment' ancestor. Error is raised only in case of 'final' state;
- sm/em matching corrected;
- A rule added for 'equivStart'/'equivEnd' attributes to appear in pair.

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