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Subject: Meeting minutes from 17 Jan 17

Approve 06 December 2016 meeting minutes
BS: Minutes https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201612/msg00014.html for approval.
dF: I second.

Issues on JIRA project
dF:https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/XLIFF-10  11 12 13 14, the unresolved core comments. A summary on the issues:
10: Completed. It will not raise additional issues;
14: to prohibit pc to be used for representation of standalone codes and ph for wellformed .
It is not a change in core, but rather clarification by explicitly mentioning  the proposed PR. 
11 and 13 are related to target existence. 13 suggests binding validation behaviour to segment state. Error should be raised only if the state is final. This issue is assigned to Soroush for implementation;
11: More study needed. Any thoughts on this issue?
BS: It generally works better when targets exists. I would agree with some enforcement. The state condition makes sense. 
dF: Except for trgLang, we don’t have anything on targets of ignorable. Then 11 solved

dF: I will propose a solution by our next meeting on this. It’s on best practice for mergers. Felix, do have any offers on the usage of ignorables?
Felix: we didn’t specify handling of ignorable. 
dF: Yves advices people to avoid ignorables in Lynx, the same for FREME.
dF: We allow secondary parsing. Solving 11 would contribute into it. However the best is to leave it for the next meeting.
14: ph holds reference to the unit. I propose to add this PR and explicitly forbid this usage of ph. It’s against the intention behind the element.
BS: I second
dF: If no objections, I assign it to Soroush for implementation.

Liaison and Promotion subcommittee Mandate extension. 
dF: I propose to extend the following mandate for 2 years;
BS: good to me, I second, we can now start voting.
All yes: dF, Tom, BS, Soroush. Felix abstained. 

BS: It is approved and on this the meeting is adjourned.

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