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Subject: Now working on XLIFF 2.1 csprd03

Hi all,

we did receive more comments since the last meeting and some of them are realtively heavy weight and we will have to make material changes, this means we will not be able go straight to cs01.

The meeting of 7th March will be very important for approving/resolving any pending issues. 
@All Voters, please attend, so that we reach a robust quorum and you retain your voting rights.
@All, non-voters, please attend so that you can regain your voting rights in time for cs01 and cos01 progressions.
As we have some relatively heavy changes in pipeline, we might not have the csprd03 draft ready for vote by 7th March, this gives more people chance to be back and regain their voting rights.
I encourage 
@all TC members (voters and non-voters) to participate in resolving pending issues by commenting on them within the JIRA project
[this filters out outstanding issues]

and especially 
@the editorial team should pick up and drive resolutions or implement solutions for the issues assigned to them.

Cheers and thanks for your attention

Dr. David Filip
OASIS XLIFF TC Secretary, Editor, Liaison Officer
Spokes Research Fellow
ADAPT Centre
KDEG, Trinity College Dublin
Mobile: +420-777-218-122

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