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Subject: Update to its.sch

Hi David, Soroush, all,

I validated the complex example in the latest draft and got an error reported by its.sch . I adapted the its.sch as highlighted below.

        <sch:rule context="xlf:mrk[@its:locQualityIssuesRef] | xlf:sm[@its:locQualityIssuesRef]">
            <sch:report test="@its:locQualityIssueSeverity or @its:locQualityIssueProfileRef or @its:locQualityIssueEnabled">
                If the 'its:locQualityIssuesRef' attribute is declared, the following attributes are not allowd: its:locQualityIssueSeverity, its:locQualityIssueProfileRef, and its:locQualityIssueEnabled".
            <sch:assert test="count(ancestor::xlf:unit//its:locQualityIssues[@xml:id=substring-after(current()/@its:locQualityIssuesRef , '#its=')])=1">
                The value of the locQualityIssuesRef attribute must be relative URI (starting with "#its="), and the value after "#its=" must be one of the id attributes declared on a &lt;locQualityIssues> elements within the same 'unit'.



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