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Subject: Update on XLIFF 2.1 Support in XLIFF-Toolkit

Hi everyone,


There has been some progress on the support for XLIFF 2.1 ITS module.


-     The branch ‘v21’ (See here) now implements the same ITS data categories that were supported through the old ITS extension for XLIFF 2.0. This branch is based on the latest 1.1.6-SNAPSHOT version of the toolkit.


-     The new code is backward compatible with the API used for the ITS Extension for XLIFF 2.0, so any code you wrote for that will work the same with the new version (but read/write using the XLIFF 2.1 ITS Module notation).


-     The new code does not support the old ITS Extension notation, so you must convert your XLIFF 2.0 files to 2.1 to have some of the ITS data understood. The update is relatively simple and involves 4 global search & replace calls (See the readme file). If you do not convert the file to 2.1, the ITS Extension data will still be read/written and accessible just like an unknown extension or unsupported module.


-     A build of the `v21` branch is here: http://okapiframework.org/snapshots/okapi-xliffLib_XLF21ITS_1.1.6-SNAPSHOT.zip


-     This is obviously still under construction. The data categories supported (some only partially for now) are: Translate, Preserve Space, Domain, MT Confidence, Terminology, Text Analysis, Provenance and Localization Quality Issue.


-     There is no validation (or just very low-level). I’ll try to integrate that later when we have XSLT from the Schematron data.






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