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Subject: mtc:matchQuality vs its:locQualityRatingScore vs its:mtConfidence

Hi all,


It seems to me the relationship between the 3 attributes matchQuality, its:locQualityRatingScore and its:mtConfidence is a bit confusing.


-     According the specification both matchQuality can be used to represent its:locQualityRatingScore and its:mtConfidence.
One question that comes to mind is: What if you have both data categories set for a given <mtc:match>? How can matchQuality takes both values? (maybe the answer the third bullet?).


-     There is a “[WIP]” marker (Work In Progress” I assume) that is at the end of this paragraph:
“The attribute locQualityRatingScore MUST NOT be used on <mtc:match>, where it maps to and from mtc:matchQuality unless in scope of mt-confidence annotatorRef [WIP].”


-     I’m not sure I understand the constraint above: It seems to say matchQuality maps to mtConfidence if it’s within the scope of an annotatorRef for mt-confidence (and then we have to use locQualityRatingScore for locQualityRatingScore), otherwise matchQuality maps to locQualityRatingScore. Is that correct?
If so, it seems a recipe for a lot of problems: Some implementations may not support both MT Confidence and Localization Quality Scope.
I’m also not quite sure why two different ITS data categories values can map to the same XLIFF value: Is that means mtConfidence and locQualityRatingScore represent the same thing in ITS?






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