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Subject: SOU for XLIFF 2.1



Please find attached the responses provided through the Statement of Use (SOU) questionnaire for XLIFF 2.1.


This is intended to be a Statement of Use for XLIFF Version 2.1.

(23 August 2017. OASIS Committee Specification 01. http://docs.oasis-open.org/xliff/xliff-core/v2.1/cs01/xliff-core-v2.1-cs01.html)


The FREME NER Browser API provides access to XLIFF 2.1 semantic enrichment functionality via the browser. The API can read, write and manipulate XLIFF 2.1 documents.

The current released version implements XLIFF 2.1 with support for the ITS "Text Analysis" data category. 


The source code and documentation is publicly available here:



See the attached PDF files for details on the implementation.


Kind regards,


Attachment: SOU_FREME_NER_Browser_API.PDF
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