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Subject: Adding a contribution to the agenda

Hello all,


I would like to submit the XLIFF 2 Extraction and Merging Best Practice v1.0 as an agenda item for a future meeting. This was produced by a working group in our Translation API Cases and Classes initiative as a deliverable in our first track.


My availability for the meeting on 20 November is questionable, as I will be in Beijing and the meeting time there is midnight. I’ll do my best to attend, but can’t guarantee it.


Forgive a newbie if I’m going about this the wrong way (and I’m happy to be guided/corrected).


Kind regards,






Allison Ferch, Executive Director
Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)

Tel: +1 (206) 494-4686 ext. 702

aferch@gala-global.org  Skype: allison.ferch




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