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Subject: Modified: XLIFF TC meeting

Event Title: XLIFF TC meeting

Date: Tuesday, 18 February 2020, 11:00am to 12:00pm EST

New dial-in link at this action item.


This meeting counts towards voter eligibility.


I. Administration

 A. Approve meeting minutes for 21 January 2020

 B. Meeting time, Doodle Poll

II. Where do we go next?
 A. XLIFF 2.X or 3.0 wiki space for new features (Bryan)

 B. Rendering Requirements for XLIFF 2.2 - David

 C. GALA TAPICC XLIFF Extraction and Merging Best Practice v1.0 Allison

 D. Registration file - Yves

 E. New comment from Yves
 Issue #34: Lynx - XLIFF files created with missing subFlowsEnd attribute and found Valid (okapiframework/xliff-toolkit)

 F. Invalid sample files identified by Rodolfo Raya

 G. XLIFF calls, Steven Loomis

 H. Features, Steven Loomis

 I. FragID prefix registration, Rodolfo

III. Subcommittee and sister TC reports
 A. Promotion and Liaison SC
 B. XOMOS - Sister TC

IV. New business


I. Administration

Participants : Rodolfo, Steven R Loomis, Phil, Lucía, Bryan, Tom.

B: We have quorum. It is good to have Steven and Rodolfo on board.


A. Approve meeting minutes for 21 January 2020

B: I move to approve the meetings https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/202001/msg00002.html

P: I second.

B: Meetings approved.


B. Meeting time, Doodle Poll.

B: My interpretation is that people prefer one meeting per month. For some reason, I did not see the doodle poll, it went to my spam folder.

P: I think that I joined in the meeting on the 3rd of February but I was the only one there.

B: Sorry about that.

B: Is my interpretation correct?

P: Once a month is definitely my preference.

R: The majority wanted once a month.

B: Is it hard to meet in this timeslot (Tuesday)?

S: I have another call, but I can move it, since this one is important.

B: Thank you for your availability.


II. Where do we go next?

A. XLIFF 2.X or 3.0 wiki space for new features (Bryan)

B: It is good that we have Steven here. [Bryan shares his screen and goes through the list of proposes features]. We have some features that are owned by TC members. We have one approved feature (rendering requirements).

R: Can anybody explained why this [rendering] is necessary? Because the idea behind XLIFF is to separate the content from the format (that can be included in the skeleton).

P: I have a feeling that it is to have a kind of preview and to give context.

S: Could it have to do with the editor?

R: Yes, this can be done in the editor itself. There is no need at all to have that in the standard.

P: If I recall well, think the examples that I saw were related to software, it would be more to have context rather that WYSIWYG solution.

R: That is why you have the binary in the XLIFF standard, that is specifically for that.

B: There is a paper where David explains this topic.

R: I read that paper, I did not see the justification in there for that effort.

B: I would propose that as David is not here, that we move this discussion for another meeting when he will be here. This is discussion definitively needs to be continued.

R: Ok, I agree with that.


B: The next feature is TM Profile Note. There is no owner for this feature.

R: I find it quite interesting. Can we do something with the matches module?

B: my memory is that we wanted to do something with it.

B: I propose to have the LISA standards as modules

R: I think it would be nice to have some of RSX representation.

B: We also have Segmentation Method Roundtrip that is related to it.

R: it would be interesting to have the segmentation rules embedded in XLIFF.

S: At least to have a complete reference of the rules and it changes were made.

R: Exactly, that sounds interesting.

B: It sounds interesting to me as well. We could vote on this to become a feature to 2.2.

R: We would need to define if segmentation can be integrated or if we need a pointer to an external SRX file

S: The minimum would be to define that segmentation has occurred. When files get processed, it would be helpful to know that segmentation has occurred.

B: What about the rest of the members, any thoughts on this?

L: I also agree that it would be good to have it.

T: Agree

R: I can draft something and then have the TC to discuss on it. In any case, it would be optional, nobody would be forced to use it.

B: Perfect, so Rodolfo it would be great it you could draft on it and then we can discuss it again.


B: The next one is Change Tracking module. Phil is the owner of that feature.

P: I think I should maybe change that. I had proposed some time ago and I have changed my thinking on it. I need to go back to it and have my head around it.

B: My though is that Yves found an issue with it.

P: Yes, it goes back to 2.1


B: Semantic domain for placeholders. It is owned by Steven.

S: I worked on it extensively. I need to leave now but I will give you more details on that.

P: It looks similar to some stuff that we did with the ITS module.

S: I will look into it, thanks.


B: SubSegment Matching and Referencing. Can anybody comment on this?

P: I cannot comment, I am afraid.

R: If we do changes in the matches module, we can add span to do the referencing. I will not be surprised if an existing mechanism is already there that would allow us to do it.

B: So, we need to check if this is already present. Rodolfo, could you do it?

R: Yes, I can look into it.


B: Moderninzing OF Schematron.

R: the problem is the current schematron cannot validate XLIFF. So we can replace it or expend a lot of time making it more useful. Is there is somebody willing to do it?

B: Tom, would you be interesting into this?

T: I wasn't working on the Schematron files.

T : I also don't recall who was working on it.

L: I think it was David and Soroush.

B: ok, we can launch the discussion again when David will be here.


B: Extract and Merge best practices note.

R: David wrote a paper on this, my name is there because I was part of TAPPIC. It would be good to prepare white papers and published them apart from the specification.

B: Yes, I think that there are some procedures in OASIS for this.

R: You do that as committee notes, it can be done. Years ago, it was even required to have a white paper published. That paper is still at 1.2 level.

B: Can you become the owner of this?

R: we need more than one writer.

B: Is anybody on the call that can partner with Rodolfo?

R: Don’t you have this in the agenda? [Rodolfo refers to item GALA TAPICC XLIFF Extraction and Merging Best Practice v1.0 Allison

B: Yes, ok, it is there.




C. GALA TAPICC XLIFF Extraction and Merging Best Practice v1.0 Allison


D. Registration file - Yves

B: The problem about the registration file, it was a quick fix that was already done. I will remove it from the agenda.



E. New comment from Yves
Issue #34: Lynx - XLIFF files created with missing subFlowsEnd attribute and found Valid (okapiframework/xliff-toolkit)

R: The subflow problem is related to the validation artifact of the XLIFF tc. I think it is related to the schematron files.

B: this is more evidence that the schematron needs more work. Ok, thankS Rodolfo.



I. FragID prefix registration, Rodolfo

I saw that the FragID was mandatory outside the specification. I was curious to know why is not the spec.

B: If I recall well, we were advised to it by OASIS.

R: the question is why is not required on the spec. The wiki says that you must register, but the specification does not say it.

B: Ok, I see it and agree it.

R: Yes, maybe it is a note that can be included in the next spec.

B: I will answer to this email and include this as a new feature for the next spec.

R: Yes, or simply remove the requirements on the wiki.



III. Subcommittee and sister TC reports
A. Promotion and Liaison SC

L: We have not got a meeting recently.


B. XOMOS - Sister TC

P: for the OMOS, I think the last meeting it was only David and me. We were talking about creating more momentum and working on the spec.



IV. New business

B: It great to have a good momentum here. Meeting adjourned.









Owner: Bryan Schnabel
Group: OASIS XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) TC
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PRODID:-//Kavi Corporation//NONSGML Kavi Groups//EN
DESCRIPTION:New dial-in link at this action item.\n\nhttps://www.oasis-o
 ion_item_id=3921\n\nAgenda: I. Administration\n\n A. Approve
  meeting minutes for 21 January 2020\nhttps://lists.oasis-op
 en.org/archives/xliff/202001/msg00002.html\n\n B. Meeting ti
 me\, Doodle Poll\n\nII. Where do we go next?\n A. XLIFF 2.X 
 or 3.0 wiki space for new features (Bryan)\n https://wiki.oa
 sis-open.org/xliff/FeatureTracking\n\n B. Rendering Requirem
 ents for XLIFF 2.2 - David\n https://lists.oasis-open.org/ar
 chives/xliff/201901/msg00001.html\n\n C. GALA TAPICC XLIFF E
 xtraction and Merging Best Practice v1.0 Allison\n https://l
 D. Registration file - Yves\n https://lists.oasis-open.org/a
 rchives/xliff/201902/msg00006.html\n\n E. New comment from Y
 ves\n https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-comment/20
 1911/msg00000.html\n Issue #34: Lynx - XLIFF files created w
 ith missing subFlowsEnd attribute and found Valid (okapifram
 ework/xliff-toolkit)\n\n F. Invalid sample files identified 
 by Rodolfo Raya\n\n G. XLIFF calls\, Steven Loomis\n https:/
 n H. Features\, Steven Loomis\n https://lists.oasis-open.org
 /archives/xliff/201912/msg00001.html\n\n I. FragID prefix re
 gistration\, Rodolfo\n https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives
 /xliff/202002/msg00000.html\n\nIII. Subcommittee and sister 
 TC reports\n A. Promotion and Liaison SC\n B. XOMOS - Sister
  TC\n\nIV. New business\nGroup: OASIS XML Localisation Inter
 change File Format (XLIFF) TC\nCreator: Bryan Schnabel

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