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Subject: Modified: XLIFF TC Meeting

Event Title: XLIFF TC Meeting

Date: Tuesday, 18 August 2020, 04:00pm to 05:00pm WEST


This meeting counts towards voter eligibility.


I. Administration

 A. Approve 21-July meeting minutes


 B. Meeting availability for summer (winter in South America) - Doodle poll - Lucia

 C. Switched meeting to MS Teams https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xliff/email/archives/202007/msg00005.html

 D. example needs fixing https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/202007/msg00000.html Rodolfo

II. Round table
 A. Lucia
 B. David
 C. Rodolfo
 D. Yoshito

III. Subcommittee and sister TC reports
 A. Promotion and Liaison SC
 B. XOMOS - Sister TC

IV. New business



I. Administration

Attendance: David, Rodolfo, DavidF, Lucía, Bryan and Yoshito (Y. gets his voting rights at the end of the meeting).

B: I have made some changes in the agenda to simplify our work.

B: I move to approve 21-July meeting minutes


R: I second.

B: Meeting minutes approved.


B. Meeting availability for summer (winter in South America) - Doodle poll – Lucia

B: September looks no problem, so we have good coverage.



R: I would like to comment, a new issue was added to github. I migrated the spec from svn to github and after I did that, I added an example in section is invalid. We were talking about using the ISO format, but I did not see the ISO stylesheet, so I could not publish it with the ISO format.

Df: I think Tom left before it happened. I guess he did the changes, but if the stylesheet are not there, I am not sure.

R: I was able to publish the OASIS version, though.

Df: the oasis 2.1 version in github is the OASIS version.

R: Yes.

Df: I will forward to you the exchange of conversation I had with the person in charge of the ISO stylesheet. Have you checked the Tom’s branch? he was working with branches.

R: I do not remember since I did it three weeks ago.

Df [goes through the svn and tries to find the stylesheet]. I will note an AI to check this item and send you all the information I have on it plus the contact of the person that might be able to help you with the stylesheet.

R: I also cloned the test files. There you can find the files that need fixes. I would like to check with you if I should try to check them with the schematron.

Df: We were doing at least two methods. Schematron and Ms object model, it has been good. The discrepancies were normally bugs in the schematron. If you will be running the test suite files, you can report the issues there in the github.

R: Do you want me to upload the javacode that runs the schematron?

Df: I normally use Oxygen. If you can provide the code it would be great, you can add it in a separate folder.

R: Yoshito reported an issue, I checked it and he was right so I added to github. I couldnt publish a comment myself in the list since KAVI rejects my messages. Chet is aware of the issue. KAVI does not accept my regular email address.

Df: We could include in our webpage that we are capturing errors through github. We can publish this method to provide feedback

B: I will add this as an action item for myself. I will add this url https://github.com/oasis-tcs/xliff-xliff-22/issues as the new method to report issues.


Y: Are we going to create a new repository for the new version?

D: Yes, that is the idea.

Y: I think if we use a new repository, we could loose the continuity.

R: We have several options to overcome this. We can rename the repository. We can also migrate the issues that are not resolved. For now, we can focus on working on the current issues in 2.2.

D: when 2.2 will be nearly done, I will ask the administrators to create a new repository for 2.3 to add there the issues for that version.

R: I need to create the future 2.2 spec and fixing the issues there.

D: Sure, we can say that the template is pending.

R: I will assign it to me.

Df: I will assign you the matches examples if that is ok.

R: Ok. So far, I need to fix the examples and to migrate to the ISO format. There are many things that are still opened but I am not sure if they are still valid.

B: We want to use the AI in KAVI, I can close the issues that are no longer valid. I think there are 12 issues opened. I can review them. I can have this as an action item for me, to check this and share that with Rodolfo.

Df: [David goes through the list on his screen] This can be done for 2.2 [ITS storage size…], [Errors in test…] we are addressing it, [CTR test suite…] is not relevant. I can take the action to close the irrelevant ones and to migrate the relevant ones to github.


II. Round table. Do we have anything new to the agenda?

Lucia. Nothing new.
David. We can have extending reports from UNICODE and the messaging groups (Unicode CLDR TC/MFWG). Yoshito, are you planning to attend the conference in October?

Y: No, I am not.

D: There seems to some talks on the subject. Unicode CLDR TC/MFWG this is the group I mentioned several times. It seems very ambitious.

R: They are working on something that I think hardly anybody will implement.

D: There are some design goals and non goals [David shows then on the screen]. One of those goals is to be able to be localization roundtrip and also they plan to do a mapping with XLIFF. So far it looks quite complicated for localization roundtrip.

R: I am working with modules, the only ones that I am using are matches and glossary, the rest are irrelevant for me.

D: My request for Bryan is to include this liaison as part of the agenda.

B: I will do it, thank you.

D: I woul also like to report that in the xomos sister TC, there is good progress going on. And for the P&l We could even think about a virtual symposium for next time, as these type of events are now taking traction due to the current situation.

L: Do you mean having a P&L meeting or discussing this topic in this meeting?

D: As we have a reduced number of members, I propose to discuss it here.

Rodolfo: I let Yoshito use my time.
Yoshito: No new topics on my side.


IV. New business

R: I have a request, could you try to create the meeting in kavi a week earlier?

B: Sure, I can do it.

D: There was an issue with the timing as well, could you check that the right time is selected as well?

B: Sure, apologies for that mix-up. I will do better next time. I will adjourn this meeting.

Owner: Bryan Schnabel
Group: OASIS XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) TC
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PRODID:-//Kavi Corporation//NONSGML Kavi Groups//EN
 chives/202007/msg00005.html\n\nAgenda: I. Administration\n\n
  A. Approve 21-July meeting minutes\n\nhttps://lists.oasis-o
 pen.org/archives/xliff/202008/msg00000.html\n\n B. Meeting a
 vailability for summer (winter in South America) - Doodle po
 ll - Lucia\n\n C. Switched meeting to MS Teams https://www.o
 /msg00005.html\n\n D. example needs fixing https://lists.oas
 is-open.org/archives/xliff/202007/msg00000.html Rodolfo\n\nI
 I. Round table\n A. Lucia\n B. David\n C. Rodolfo\n D. Yoshi
 to\n \n\nIII. Subcommittee and sister TC reports\n A. Promot
 ion and Liaison SC\n B. XOMOS - Sister TC\n\nIV. New busines
 s\nGroup: OASIS XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XL
 IFF) TC\nCreator: Bryan Schnabel

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