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Subject: Today's meeting minutes



Here are the meeting minutes from today’s meeting.




Attendance: Rodolfo, Lucía and Brian (arrives 30 past the hour).

Regrets: David F.

I. Administration

 B: I propose to approve 10-October meeting minutes


R: I second.

B: No objections. Meeting minutes approved.


   1. Linking to - Rodolfo https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/202011/msg00001.html

   2. OASIS web site updates - Rodolfo https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/202011/msg00000.html


R: [When Brian arrives, Rodolfo summarises the previous discussion between Rodolfo and Lucia] we were talking about the activities of the TC. I sent an email and I did not get any reply. We cannot work like this as a TC, some issues cannot wait until the next meeting.

For example, in my last email, I was talking about including the attribute “ref” to the <note> element. I had to use an adhoc solution to solve this problem. We need to take small actions like this. We should not wait months for this. If we have bimonthly meetings we can do that much faster.

B: I am with you. I sense that energy seems to be lacking. I did not receive any email and my email is fine, I have talked to Chet about this. I did not get to spend the energy to keep pursuing it.

R: It is not just you having problems. I also have issues, I need to log in in the internal system. It is a broken system. We can email each other.

B: Yes, but we need an official record.

R: Yes, we can still use the official mailing list but also we can cc the active members to make sure that they get the emails.

B: Ok. It is a temporary solution.

R: We need to move, we need to move forward. Ive got an invoice from OASIS, and I was wondering myself if is it worth paying 500 dollars knowing that we could done much work.

B: We need to start CCing members to all the emails. We need to reach OASIS and talk about the emailing issues. And we, members, we need to be more active.

R: We need to go back to bimonthly meetings.

L: Maybe we can take a vote on that.

R: we have 4 voting members. (Yoshito and Phil do not have voting rights).

B: Even if we have good communication. We can solve the problems you mentioned but we are lacking developers. We need some ideas.

R: I have had a real request with track changes. I realised that the module is just informative. But we never re-discuss this.

B: That is true.

R: We need to do something with that module. We do not have to provide a super powerful XLIF 2.2, but we can fix all the current issues.

B: I agree. So, one of the things that slowed us down is that we had people that in the past proposed ownership for some ideas and modules and then they left, and we did not have people that took over.

R: If we do not have ownership, we can just discard or deprecate in the new version. If we do not do that, we cannot publish this in the new version.

B: I understand. We are in a situation where we can lose traction. I agree with your ideas. About going back to the bimonthly meetings, I am not sure on my position on that, I would have to think about that.

R: If we cannot do the meeting. Would you participate in the email exchanging?

B: I can commit to that. I would like to have all the members to vote. We can have an email discussing this.

L: I can take an action item to discuss this in the mailing list, I can send a doodle to ensure the availability of the members for December as the Christmas holidays are approaching.

R: I realised that the webpage is outdated, the charter is also outdated. It still says that we are working on version 2.0. We need to update the

L: I can also take an action item on that and start the discussion on the mailing list, so we can take that point in the next meeting and start the official ballot.

R: It needs to be in the mailing list. Then we should vote it in the meeting.

R: The last ballot was in 2018. To approve 2.1 as ISO. For what I see here in kavi, we had only 6 members in that ballot. I do not see a lack of membership being a problem.

B: 2018 that is not bad.

B: No new business. Meeting adjourned.



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