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Subject: Meeting minutes



Please find below a summary of today’s discussion.


We did not achieve quorum, the meeting minutes are not official, but here is a summary of today’s discussion:.


Attendance: Rodolfo, Yoshito, Lucía

Regrets: Bryan, DavidF.


A. Charter renewal.
 C. OASIS web site updates - Rodolfo https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/202011/msg00000.html

L: There is a new OASIS template. We need to adapt our charter to it. Action item for Lucía: prepare the new draft to comply with the new template and share it in the mailing list.


 A. XLIFF in 2021. Action plan proposal.

(Lucía presented some slides with the action plan proposal).

L: I have identified three areas where we can concentrate our efforts this year:

            -Admin related activities. Renew the charter and update the website.

            -Public outreach. In no particular order: generate/increase interest around XLIFF, enrich the discussion, attract new members (new opinions, needs, points of view, etc.). We need to define a strategy to increase our outreach activities (e.g. promote our activities, generate discussions, etc.)

            -Technical work. Our core activity. A) Correct and publish test suite files. B)Define the road for XLIFF 2.2 (prioritize objectives, reinstate or not track changes, take decision on the current proposed futures, include new ones?, etc).


L: Rodolfo, what do you think about the first technical first step that I mentioned (correct and publish the test suite).

R: The schematron has some issues.

L: What about taking an initial step and correct the issues that can be corrected taking into account the XML schema?

R: That can be done. I can use my own validation tools.

Y: What is the scope? Are your tools part of the work of the TC?

R: No, they are not, but they are open source and are publicly available. https://github.com/rmraya/OpenXLIFF/tree/master/src/com/maxprograms/validation

I have been working on validation tools for more than 20 years (TMX and XLIFF)

Y: This reminds me of the W3C online validator. https://validator.w3.org/  I good idea would be to have an online validator for XLIFF, but of course, it should be hosted and maintained.

R: I can do it, that is not problem.

L: I think Yoshito’s idea is great, Rodolfo, would you be willing to create such a tool (an online XLIFF validator)?

R: Yes, I can.

Y: It would be good to get statistical data about the versions used and the error categories.

R: Yes, I would not store the files (they will be uploaded and deleted) but the tool could track useful information (version, tool) and the type of validation errors which could also help us to provide solutions for the most frequent errors.

L: Yes, a disclaimer would be included about the metadata that will be collected and how it will be used. This new validation tool would help us in several aspects: a useful tool for the community, increase our visibility, correct the validation problems of the test suite.

R: Can we meet in two weeks time to discuss the progress on this topic?

L: Yes, I agree.

Y: Yes, I agree too.

Meeting adjourned.


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