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Subject: RE: [xliff] XLIFF 2.0 + ICU messages in Angular

I'm curious what is recommended _expression_ for this type of message in XLIFF.
I think contacting Angular folks is OK, but I'm not sure XLIFF working group has any reasonable suggestion ready.

The biggest problem is, each sub pattern is associated with a plural category (zero/one/two/few/many/others), and appropriate set of categories depends on target language.

So for example, default set of categories used by English is [one] and [others].

one: A file will be deleted.
others: %d files will be deleted.

In Japanese, it will be turned into a single category - others, while Russian translation requires 4 categories - one/few/many/others.

At this moment, I'm not sure if XLIFF provide any reasonable framework to handle these categories.

Another complexity of plural format is that a developer may special case pattern for specific number. For example -

0: No users enters the room.
one: {0} enters the room.
2: {0} and {1} enter the room.
3: {0}, {1} and {2} enter the room.
others: {0}, {1}, {2} and others enter the room.

I heard some companies (I believe it was Google) discourage developers to use categories other than default categories, because it makes translation extremely difficult. I thought Google person mentioned they do have internal translation tool that automatically populate default categories for each target language.

In IBM, we also integrate helper tool for translation to produce proposed plural categories and also validating translation result.

I'm participating Unicode CLDR project and ICU project. I don't have bandwidth to participate Message Format Working Group, which was created under CLDR project.
How to map such complicated construction to XLIFF is our interest, and I'm sure David is participating the working group because of this.

David, do you have any insights?


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