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Subject: RE: [xliff] XLIFF 2.0 + ICU messages in Angular

Hi Rodolfo,

> When I mentioned contacting the Angular group, I was thinking about
> the validity issues I found in the sample file I received.

> I can't provide any advice on ICU Message Format, but I can mention
> that the "state" attribute should not be set to "initial" when
> <segment> contains a <target> element, for example.


I see. Thank you for clarification.

BTW, my interpretation of the spec is that "state" value can be "initial" even when non-empty <target> is supplied. I personally would not do it in my own tool, but I can imagine some people may prefer to produce <target> for all segment and fill in the same value with <source> as the start point. In this case, the state of segment is not really "translated".

If the intent of the spec is to invalidate such use case, I think we need more explanation. (Or, am I missing something?)


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