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xliff message

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Subject: Validation question


Found a case where I need your input regarding validation on the test suite.

An untranslated <unit> contains an isolated <sc> element in <source>, like this:

<unit id="1">
    <source>text <sc id="4" isolated="yes" fs:fs="i" /></source>

Another <unit> contains a translated segment with the corresponding isolated <ec>, like this:

<unit id="2">
     <source>text<ec id="4" isolated="yes" fs:fs="i"/></source>
     <target>texte<ec id="4" isolated="yes" fs:fs="i"/></target>

My validator says that the file is OK, but XLIFF Schematron says it isn't with this message:

Schematron result: 'isolated' attribute is set to 'yes', but the corresponding 'sc' element, out of the 'unit' with 'id=2', was not found. The start code must appear before the end code, but in the same 'file'.

It seems that Schematron rules are looking for a <target> with <sc>, but the corresponding segment is untranslated.

Would you consider the file valid?

Rodolfo M. Raya
Maxprograms http://www.maxprograms.com

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