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Subject: Pointing to notes outside current unit


There is an example in the test suite with a comment annotation pointing to a note outside the unit, using the "ref" attribute like this:

<mrk id='m3' type="comment" ref="#f=f2/u=u1/n=n1">Sentence 1.</mrk>

The definition of "ref" says that when used in a comment annotation, it must point to a note within the same enclosing unit. See Comment Annotation  and ref  

Why can't a comment annotation point to a <note> located outside the <unit>, provided that the fragment identifier is correct?

FWIW, XLIFF Schematron doesn't detect this as an error.


Rodolfo M. Raya <rmraya@maxprograms.com>
Maxprograms http://www.maxprograms.com

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