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Subject: Meeting minutes (2023-08-01)

Dear all,


Please find below a summary of 2023-08-01 XLIFF-TC call.


Best regards,





Attendance: Rodolfo, Mihai, Yoshito. We have quorum



I. Administration


Approved June 20th meeting minutes. https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/202306/msg00003.html


II. Technical work


Discussed Mihai’s “pgs” (plural/gender/select) extension module draft specification - https://github.com/oasis-tcs/xliff-xliff-22/pull/28


  • Rodolfo pointed a simple mistake in plural_gender_select.xsd (schema definition). Mihai agreed it’s an error and will fix it.
  • Rodolfo suggested to add some explanations for the use of variable name in “disp” attribute in <ph> element. Mihai wanted to keep the specification simple and not to include extra suggestions and best practices. He suggested to provide such information in another document, like HTML representation guide for XLIFF.
  • Mihai proposed to edit “pgs” best practice document in Google Doc or something suited for collaborative editing. Yoshito agreed to have more “live” documents for XLIFF implementation best practices.
  • Yoshito wanted to more time to review the “pgs” module specification, and provide the feedback by next TC call.
  • Yoshito raised a concern about translation tool/translator may need to add extra <unit> not in English only source XLIFF file.
  • Mihai proposed to add reference link to Unicode CLDR site about plural rules. Rodolfo and Yoshito agreed.

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