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Subject: Meeting minutes (2023-08-15)

Dear all,


Please find below a summary of 2023-08-15 XLIFF-TC call.


Best regards,





Attendance: Rodolfo, Mihai, Yoshito. We have quorum



I. Administration


Approved August 1st meeting minutes - https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/202308/msg00001.html



II. Technical work

  1. pgs (Plural/Gender/Select) mopdule
  • Yoshito has a concern that plural variants might require different number of <unit>s. Existing XLIFF implementation might not be ready when units are not one to one mapping. Yoshito asked if we can use <segment>s instead of <unit>s.
  • Mihai was wondered if a note can be attached to each segment, because providing plural example for each plural category is very important for translators.
  • Rodolfo answered to this. <notes> can be only attached to <unit> level, but each <note> can point to each segment (and it will be simplified in XLIFF 2.2).
  • Mihai will bring back this question – using <segment>s instead of <unit>s to carry language specific variants.
  • We’ll continue to discuss this topic in next TC call


III. Promotion and Liaison

  1. ISO standard status updates

- No updates.

B. Message format working group updates (if any)

- Message format working group will have face to face meeting in next month.

- Open design item – support for “attributed text”. For example, when you format a message including month and date, consumer application may want to know substring corresponding to each date field.


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