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Subject: XMILE Events Next Year

I've had some productive early conversations with IBM Research Labs in Almaden, CA and Sao Paolo, Brazil.  Both are interested in hosting an XMILE Customer event.  These are fabulous locations.  Both of these events would be System Dynamics/Simulation/Big Data marketing events showing off SD use cases, how these models would be replicable with XMILE, and how customers can benefit from Simulations solutions for Big Data.  Almaden was my idea, but Sao Paolo came from Karim and some folks he knows in Sao Paolo that we met in Cambridge.

Almaden is interested in use cases like the Portland Smarter Cities Demo IBM did with Forio.com, Healthcare, and Environment

Sao Paolo is interested in microeconomic use cases for Energy, Financial Risk Management, and Smarter Cities.

These events could help build market awareness of XMILE, sell SD Solutions, and increase participation in our TC.  Even though I can organize the venues, and get some logistical support, I don't know your industry and use cases as well as you do.  Therefore, I'd really be grateful for your help.  Could you please share your ideas for use cases we could demonstrate that would fit into the interest areas above.  I'd like us all to compare, contrast, discuss, and agree on the use cases and the overall agenda so it represents our best ideas.

We can discuss this at the end of our next call.  Looking forward to your feedback.

Best Regards,


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