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xmile message

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Subject: SMILE and XMILE

Hi Everyone,

Because we have parallel discussions in this email forum and on SDForum from time to time I will be copying content between the two. We can talk about the best way to do this during tomorrow's call. I will bring this thread from SDForum across intact, so we can see how it looks (it is the longest thread). There will be several messages, but I will start with the initial notes I made, already on record in a file attachment.


Postby Robert Eberlein » Mon Aug 05, 2013 6:18 pm

As much as I admire Jim Hines and his wonderful penchant for coming up with words intended to make us feel better, I do think we should stop using SMILE. XMILE is the standard and it encompasses both the equations and the display. I do think it makes sense to separate out the computational portion of the model structure from the display information. I also think the computational portion deserves substantial discussion before the Schema implementation is described.

Given that I would suggest the following layout (though it may be that the standards for standards writing dictate something else):

1. Short background as is
2. Container Schema (version codes, producer...)
3. Model equation structure
4. Model equation schema
5. Display and widget structure
6. Display and widget schema

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