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xmile message

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Subject: Re: [xmile] SMILE and XMILE

Hi Everyone,

My conclusions from this discussion (those related to the original topic as the discussion did wander significantly from this).

1. We need to have a name for the computational specification language. It is currently SMILE and I would prefer to change that because I find it confusing.

2. When we present the language we should do so in a format that maps very easily to nested XML tags. I would suggest using labels and indentation to accomplish that as in:

Model: WordOfMouth
    Variable: FruitfulContacts
        Equation: AllContacts * FractionSusceptible
        Units: Person/Month

Just to emphasize the above we should really stick to this and not use anything like a=b as this gets confusing when writing a specification (even though the meaning is obvious).

3. That following the format of first presenting the conceptual format then the encoding should be followed for both computational and visual/interactive components.

4. That writing up the conceptual computational component should use at least part of Magne's suggested structure - probably something like Motivation(Pragmatic), Range of what can be expressed(Conceptual/Semantic and Syntactic) and Syntax Details (Lexical). There will always be a bit of blurring as we present material at one level using examples from later levels (can't really talk about Range of expression without example equations and so on).

                          Bob Eberlein

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