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Subject: writing XML schema for the spec


I've started writing a formal schema for the XML format.   A schema will be useful both for formal specification as well as for validation.

Among other considerations, we want this to be extendable with vendor-specific extensions and also with future versions over time.

I'm assuming -- Karim, correct me here -- that no formal schema currently exists.

My background is more as a user of schemas rather than a designer of them, but I'm puzzling through it.

Does anyone on the committee have experience with best practices for XML schemas used in specifications?  Chet -- perhaps you might be able to provide advice or resources here.

I found one very useful document here:

Any other suggestions?

Also, if anyone has a favorite XML editor for this kind of thing, let me know.   I've been playing with Altova XML Spy.  (They have a 30 day free trial).  It validates my syntax as I go, which is nice.


Forio Online Simulations
Will Glass-Husain
415 440-7500x89

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