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Subject: Re: [xmile] Very rough draft of section 5: Display and interface structure

Hi Billy,

Thanks for putting this together. I have only gone through this superficially at this point, but it raises two big issue, one of format and one of substance. Both are worth discussing further in the group.

On format I was envisioning that the conceptual sections would stay away from XML and instead use something like the attached - basically an indented list. I find this easier to read and therefore more effective at conveying the logical structure of the model and layout representations. I would like to hear others opinions on this.

The substantive issue is related to the display, something I raised in my earlier notes. Since the intention is to allow multiple display representations for any given variable it seems that including display information inside of the variable definition and parallel to the equations, units and comments definition is undesirable as there will be a well defined way to do this inside a broader display definition. Again I would like to here others' opinions on this.

                                     Bob Eberlein
On 9/12/2013 4:11 PM, Billy Schoenberg wrote:
Hello Folks,

As promised I have put together the 'very rough draft' of section 5: Display and interface structure.

I have not applied any styles etc to this draft as I felt it was a distraction at this point.  I will be happy to apply any OASIS styles etc once Karim creates the document that we discussed a few days ago based off of the document that OASIS has provided us.

In this section I tried to cover all of the broad underlying assumptions behind all visual XMILE objects and I tried to specify all of the commonly used objects/concepts in the display/interface specification.

Please feel free to share any comments/suggestions via e-mail.  At the moment I would please ask that no direct edits to the document are performed until it can be placed in the proper place in version control.  I say this because I am not prepared to merge in a bunch of changes.



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