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Subject: Making all sample XMILE in spec validate using schema is not a good idea

Hi All,

I have been working on my assigned tasks for today's meeting (late I know...) and after including the sample XMILE for submodels in chapter 4.7.1 I am somewhat convinced that having the samples match the full schema obfuscates the sample to the point where it is no longer useful as a sample.

If you look at 4.7.1 (after my commit 20 mins ago) I think you'll see what I am talking about.  In my opinion meeting all the requirements for a valid XMILE file just takes up too much space (I have nearly 2 pages of sample to convey what could be done in 50% tops! of a page).

If I were to apply this same level of detail to the examples in chapter 5 (as requested by the committee) chapter 5 would hugely expand in size while gaining no additional insight or specification and while taking away from the readability of the spec.

I think we ought to come up with some way of labeling our example snippets (or in chapter 5's case, hierarchy examples) as snippets which are not meant to validate, but are meant to illustrate difficult concepts which are fully explained in the words.



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