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xmile message

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Subject: XMILE Pre-OS Vote Webinar -- spread the word

Dear XMILE Members,

As you are aware, the TC will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, 3 November to explain the role XMILE plays in the Systems Dynamics field and market, and to make a case for why it deserves to be an approved OASIS standard.  All members (and non-members) are welcome to attend.  Below is a copy of the webinar invitation.  Please feel free to circulate it to your various communities.  Thanks so much, Jane


In this 30-minute, high-level overview, members of the OASIS XMILE TC will explain the vital role XMILE plays in the Systems Dynamics field and market, and will make the case for why this specification deserves to be approved as an OASIS Standard.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015
12:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM UTC
Registration Link
Steven Adler, Chief Information Strategist, IBM and Karim Chichakly, Co-President, ISEE Systems, Inc.

XMILE enables System Dynamics modelers to share models and tools across platforms. Before XMILE, System Dynamics models were stored only in proprietary formats and it was impossible to share or build off of others work unless you used the same tool - and that tool also supported the features you needed. XMILE enables the sharing of models and archiving of important models, the re-use of common components, the development of add-on tools that support the modeling process, and the integration with Big Data.

Use XMILE if you want to…

We encourage all to join us for 30 minutes to learn about what's new with XMILE and why it's so important.

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