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xmile message

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Subject: Status of the XMILE TC

Members of the XMILE TC,Â

I noticed today that the TC has been inactive since mid-2016. At least, I see no email traffic, meetings, documents or ballots, etc. since then. Also, emails to chairÂSteven Adler have bounced back to me.Â

Can I ask the status of the TC? If you expect to resume work at some point, I am happy to keep the TC up and running. If, on the other hand, you consider the work complete, there is certainly nothing wrong with declaring victory and closing the TC. All your assets - email archive, document archive, ballots, etc. - will remain publicly available.Â

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.Â

Best regards,Â


Looking forward toÂBorderless Cyber 20183-5 Oct, Washington, D.C.
Organized by The World Bank, OASIS, and Georgetown University

Chet Ensign
Chief Technical Community Steward
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

Primary: +1 973-996-2298
Mobile: +1 201-341-1393Â

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