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Subject: Re: [xmlvoc-comment] Phone Conference Apr 16 necessary?


Steve Pepper wrote:
> At 15:58 09/04/02 +0200, H. Holger Rath wrote:
> >Time went by very fast and it is only one week left until
> >our conference call. Because there was no traffic on our
> >mailing list I am wondering if there is a need to let the
> >conf call happen or to skip this meeting and have the next
> >one in Barcelona May 24?
> >
> >My proposal would be to skip the conf call. Other opinions?
> If we cancel this meeting there probably won't be any further progress
> before Barcelona. I propose we all make the effort to get enough work done
> to justify having the concall, even though it may not last the full two hours.

So far, Steve and Patrick will dial in (plus me). Anybody else?
> The most useful thing would be for Holger to get the draft requirements
> written and distributed a few days before April 15th in order to spark a
> discussion.

OK. I'll submit it until Apr 15, 1200 UTC. But it will be rather draft'y.
> We also agreed that we would each identify some small set of data and
> create example topic maps.
> Lars Marius and I have done some work on GCA conference proceedings that we
> will present in the next few days. We also have the Free XML Tools web site
> for which we will create both PSIs and a topic map.

Please send it by email until Apr 15, 1200 UTC. 
> I suggest that we don't worry too much about the final form of the
> published subject indicators and identifiers, since that is the domain of
> the PubSubj TC. But we should agree on a provisional syntax for PS
> identifiers, in order to facilitate the merging of whatever topic maps each
> of us creates. I suggest we use the following pattern for the time being:
>     http://psi.xml.org/foo.html#bar
> where "foo" is a class (e.g. "tools") and "bar" is an instance (e.g. "xp").

I would also be happy to have at least a simple ASCII list
or some emails with human readable lists of relevant subjects.

We are in the brainstorming phase. So specific notations are not
that important - yet. Your input is the important thing.


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