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Subject: [xmlvoc-comment] Re: [xmlvoc] Conference Call


I posted two emails about the conference call to the
<xmlvoc-comment@lists.oasis-open.org> mailing list last
week and I did not received Bernard's email (yet) starting
this thread - very strange. Is something wrong with the mailing 
lists? To ensure everybody getting this I post it to both lists.

Anyhow: So far, only Patrick, SteveP, and Lars Marius wanted
to participate in the conf call and with three lines (Steve
and Lars Marius wanted to use one phone) I could manage it with
our phone system which deals with three participants in a conf
call. But now we will be five (or even more when it seemed that
several TC members have not subscribed to the xmlvoc-comment@...
but only to xmlvoc@... and read this email) and I have to contact
German Telekom now. I will do that tomorrow morning and provide
you with dial in number asap by email.

IMPORTANT: I will organize a conf call for five parties. If you also
want to join let me know until tomorrow (Tues) 0900 UTC. The five
parties are:

-	Bernard Vatant
-	Lars Marius Garshol and Steve Pepper
-	Patrick Durusau
-	Peter Pappamikail
-	Holger Rath

The conf call will take place 1500-1600 UTC (= 1700-1800 MET DST, 
= 1100-1200 EST DST) - we reduced it to one hour.

Agenda for the conf call:

-       requirements document (check the web site at

-       first results of analysing CoverPages

-       how to proceed until Barcelona meeting

I assume that this could be rather effective (only six people)
and should not last longer than 1 hour.

BTW: Please subscribe to both lists as we decided in Seattle to mainly 
use the public list and the private list for confidential stuff only.


Dr. H. Holger Rath
- Director Research & Development -

empolis * GmbH
Bertelsmann MOHN Media Group
Technologiepark Pav. 17
97222 Rimpar, Germany

phone :  +49-172-66-90-427
fax   :  +49-9365-8062-250


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