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Subject: [xmlvoc-comment] Results of voting on requirements document

Dear XMLvoc TC Member,

here is the result of the voting on the requirements

	Voting Members of TC:	10
	Received votes:		 8
	"Yes" votes:		 7	(> 2/3 = 6.6)
	"No" votes:		 1	(< 1/4 = 2.5)
	abstain:		 0

	=> Req. document is approved by the TC members

Anyhow, some members had concerns that the requirements document
does not cover the user requirements, only technical issues.

As the OASIS regulations do not forbid to change (improve) a
requirements document when necessary, we are free to do so.
I encourage everybody to think about use cases of the vocabulary
we are going to define. From those we should be able to derive the
user requirements.


Dr. H. Holger Rath
- Director Research & Development -

empolis * GmbH
Bertelsmann MOHN Media Group
Technologiepark Pav. 17
97222 Rimpar, Germany

phone :  +49-172-66-90-427
fax   :  +49-9365-8062-250


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