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Subject: [xmlvoc-comment] Standards Registry Committee


Just a reminder of what is going on there, since we have talked about it in XMLvoc meeting
in Montréal.
I've been a (not too active) member of the Standards Committee Registry.


"The goal of the Standards Registry Committee is to develop specifications that will
promote the exchange of information between organizations developing standards and other
consensus documents, and make more coherent and systematic information about these
organizations' activities available to the public ..."

"The Standards Registry Committee will create the following:

1. A simple specification for metadata that describes both in-progress and completed
technical work created by SDOs. The metadata should be flexible enough to describe the
work of most SDOs, and simple enough that it can be implemented at very little cost.
2. Selection of a taxonomy that can be used to classify each SDO's specifications.
3. A recommendation for how standards registries, both current and future, can be used
together to allow common searching across the registries hosted by various organizations."

#1 is in final adoption stage.
See http://www.ansi.org/reports/master.asp?room=70
Download the first doc "Stnds Reg Meta Def v2.9" PDF
I think metadata adopted there are of interest for XMLvoc PSIs.

What will go under #2 has to be looked at also by XMLvoc.

As for #3, it's quite clear to me that it is a fantastic use case for TM + Published
Subjects, and I will continue to push the idea into the Committee.


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