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Subject: [xmlvoc-comment] Re: [xmlvoc] Re: Montreal Minutes for XMLVoc postedyet?

Hi Peter,

It looks like you need to subscribe to xmlvoc-comment@lists.oasis-open.org. 
We have been posting in xmlvoc-comment to allow others who are not OASIS 
members to contribute ideas. Only the procedural committee related stuff, 
that would be of no interest to anyone else is posted to 
xmlvoc@lists.oasis-open.org such as postings for concalls, etc.  I think 
that  the minutes of the Montreal meeting will be ready soon so we can all 
discuss this on xmlvoc-comment.


At 05:23 PM 9/3/2002 +0200, Information resources management wrote:
>Mary's note of 30 August is the only e-mail that I have received on the 
>official mailing list since Steve's note post-Barcelona, dated 4 June.
>Either something is seriously wrong my end, or correspoondence has been 
>passing elsewhere....any clues anyone?
>Peter Pappamikail
>Head of Information Resources Management
>European Parliament

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