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Subject: ISO to produce TR on PSI sets

Lars Marius Garshol reported from the Montreal Meeting
(Second ISO meeting of 2007) August 2007:


Note on OASIS PSI sets for languages and countries

in the section:

"Dublin Core in Topic Maps"

The strawman proposal was discussed, and the basic mapping was
not changed substantially, but a number of new issues were
brought up, and it's clear that it needs to be extended quite
a bit. The general messiness of the Dublin Core specs made the
discussion a bit confused, but a good bit of progress was made,
and there is every reason to think that the next draft will be
quite close to the real thing.

The discussion of dc:language brought up the issue of what to
do about the old OASIS PSI sets for languages and countries.
There was a general feeling that ISO should take this over and
produce a TR containing the general principles for the PSI sets,
and then a web site that actually hosts them where they are
updated regularly. However, no decision was made on when this
work would be started.


PS meeting photo is attached

ZIP package (test)

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