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Subject: [xmlvoc] wildesweb glossary in pseudo-ltm available

hello there.

i'm new to the xmlvoc tc, so welcome to everybody else!

as some of you may have seen, i have been doing something along the 
lines of xmlvoc's goal on http://wildesweb.com/glossary/, which is a set 
of html pages generated from my personal "topic map" format. since it is 
not really a topic map format, i have been asked to make it available in 
a better digestible form, for example ltm. i am not an expert in topic 
maps syntax, so ltm was just right for me. you can look at the results 
of my first attempts at http://wildesweb.com/glossary.ltm, which right 
now is a 250kb document. i am sure there are errors in there, so please 
let me know what i have to change to make it a valid ltm document.

please note that the ltm document is a simplification of my own xml, 
because some things cannot be properly expressed in ltm (such as the 
links to other topics in the descriptive text of topics). as a result, i 
would prefer to see the ltm document as a read-only document, and make 
any changes that people would like to have to the underlying xml. the 
ltm is regenerated every time i regenerate my html pages (about once 
every week), so feel free to get the latest version whenever you want an 

all the best,

erik wilde  -  tel:+41-1-6325132  -  fax:+41-1-6321035
           mailto:net.dret@dret.net -  http://dret.net/
           computer engineering and networks laboratory
           swiss federal institute of technology  (eth)
           * try not. do, or do not. there is no try. *

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