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Subject: [xri-comment] Re: [xml-dev] OASIS TC Call For Participation:

>> The TC will also define an XML schema to associate metadata with
>> resources and a service to manipulate this metadata and data associated
>> with the resources. Specifically, this service will reflect the simple
>> transactional nature of the WWW, i.e., it will use a small set of REST
>> (Representational State Transfer) or CRUD-like operators on an
>> infinitely extensible set of XRI-addressable resources.  This data
>> exchange service will provide a platform for integration with
>> directory-related specifications such as LDAP, DSML, and SPML.
>Respectfully, I'm afraid that this demonstrates a profound ignorance of
>Web architecture.  I see no value (perhaps even negative value, because
>of the wasted work) in doing any of the above.
>The http: URI scheme, and the HTTP protocol (perhaps with extensions)
>are sufficient for every task mentioned in that message.

I'm interested in knowing more about what you are proposing here.  A little
more detail might help me decide if I agree or disagree. ;)


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